My rate is $70.00 an hour for small jobs.  I will generally give a discount for larger jobs, or will quote a fixed price.  I do NOT charge for the following:  pondering (engineering) time,  internet research time, shopping time, or time talking about our grandchildren.  I believe I should show up at your place with the materials and knowledge to do your job.  If I don't, it isn't your fault, and you shouldn't have to pay for it.

I provide materials at my cost plus a small markup to cover transportation, warranty and inventory expenses.  Even with this markup, it is unlikely you can find materials for less, with the possible exception of fixtures and appliances from large discount stores.

I will be happy to install fixtures and parts provided by you, as long as they are suitable for their intended purpose.  There sometimes are problems with imported light fixtures that mount directly in contact with the ceiling or wall, particularly in older homes.  Cool antique light fixtures you find on eBay, will probably need to be rewired, a service I will be glad to provide.

Music Teacher Discount
As my way to honor these selfless heroes of American life, I offer a $20 per hour discount to any customer who earns at least part of his/her income from teaching music. 

Sales Tax
In Virginia, there is sales tax on materials.  When I buy materials, I pay the sales tax, and when I sell them, I pass that tax on to you. There is no sales tax on labor.

Trash and Recycling
I will dispose of all trash and old equipment, with appropriate recycling of bulbs, metal, refrigerants, and batteries.  I will be happy to show you any defective or replaced equipment.

Recycling of Fluorescent and CFL Bulbs
In Virginia, it is legal to throw Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) and fluorescent tubes in the trash.  However there are many who think this is bad for the environment.  There is one place in Charlottesville that I know of, that provides a free environmental disposal service for these products:  Lowes (there is a box by the return desk).  You can also give them to me.

I warranty my work for one year.  This includes materials I provide, but not materials you provide.