Doug the Electrician


I am retired, and not accepting any new work at this time.  I am currently in Charlottesville (Nov 2019), and taking small jobs from former customers.  Salli and I have been doing some sailing aboard our own sailboat, Olive Oyl.  If you are interested in our adventure, click here.

Doug Whitman

Licensed Master Electrician

Virginia Class B Electrical Contractor

Computer Engineer,  Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Testimonials from some of my customers

Doing residential and light commercial electrical installation and repair.  Specializing in concealed wiring in existing homes (often called "old work").  I also enjoy troubleshooting strange electrical problems.

Doing business in the Charlottesville - Albemarle area of Virginia

The personal touch from the friend of a friend.  I do all the work myself the old fashioned way.  This business model has good and bad.  You always know that Doug will do the work, but sometimes Doug gets busy, and occasionally, Doug gets sick.

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New info and safety note: Federal Law will phase out incandescent light bulbs starting January 1, 2012.

How to find out if someone is a licensed tradesman or contractor in Virginia, and if he has any complaints.

You can find fixtures locally here but before you buy, make sure they are compatible

Things you can do yourself to save money

Rates, warranty and the music teacher discount 

Recycling of Fluorescent and CFL Bulbs


Fun Stuff:  Odd stuff from the electrical history archives and Doug's Soapbox:  Everyone is Green, Diesel Cars, Lawn Tools, and Lamp Styles

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