Testimonials from some of my Customers:

"Doug the Electrician wired a new addition for me and wired a new barn. Both of these projects were done with care and with attention to detail. The barn involved typical type wiring, and was completed quickly and as hoped. On the new addition though, a new challenge was present as the walls were made from a newer type technology (pre-formed EPS panels with metal studs) and traditional wiring techniques did not readily apply. Doug easily rose to the challenge and designed a new method for installing the wiring without any difficulty, passing inspection first time. Doug also has an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering that gives him clever insights into a wide variety of situations that might require special considerations. He has a keen ability to see alternatives and provide nifty solutions. Doug is timely, efficient and best part, he is reasonably priced. Doug the Electrician is a trustworthy choice."

Chuck Gross


Job:  "Advice and execution setting up an exhaust fan to vent a room; support for installation of a side unit HVAC."

"Doug is a VT-grad engineer who decided to venture out on his own as an electrician when his longtime employer laid off everyone in the bad economy of a few years ago. He's smart, careful, and honest. I have used him for every electrical (and some non-electrical) jobs I've needed to have done around my house. I trust his advice and his work implicitly. "

Debbie Elliott


"Doug is both patient and careful.  He has made a big difference in my home, including upgrading living room lighting and important tweaking in
other parts of the house.  He provides a professional and personal touch to his work and he is now my "go to" electrician."

Brad, Charlottesville


I saw the mature red 'Doug the Electrician' van again in the neighborhood where I work.

I liked the presentation of the business name banner. 
I made a point the next day to stop and talk to the homeowner about the 
electrician whose van was parked again in the driveway.
He gave a great reference about Doug.
It turned out I had briefly been acquainted with Doug years before through Boy Scouts.
I called Doug to help add a 3 way switch that needed to be fished from the kitchen to the attic and then down into a bed room. 
His Business Card slogan "Specializing in Concealed Wiring" intrigued me.
He made that look easy. The work was neat and he cleverly patched his own sheet rock, sanded, ready for primer and paint! (Not many electricians patch sheet rock). 
It was also apparent he knew a little about framing too.
Doug also was comfortable and creative with other projects like adding a phone line from the basement to the room above.
There was an annoying circuit breaker label confusion at the electric panel which was addressed and solved.
He thoroughly thinks through the work process like an engineer (his former occupation) would do. 
No matter the job assignment -
ceiling fans, 
LED lighting installations, 
Cat5 cable runs, 
Coax and splitter issues, 
thermostat wiring, 
upgraded replacement Skylights that needed power run to them, 
running circuits for new wiring or to power a heat pump, 
addressing back-up generator challenges by adding an interior on/off switch, 
trouble shooting electric shorts on a circuit,

Doug the Electrician was admirably up to the task.

He worked on all the above mentioned projects and completed each one in a thorough,
efficient and timely manner.
Aside from the overall work methodology he maintains, the research (when needed) he does, on LEDs for example, speaks volumes about his overall approach to providing a quality professional service at a reasonable cost.
Oh, he now has a really nice used service van with a larger 'Doug the Electrician' banner (quite unconcealed) along with QR sticker nonetheless. 
Perfect for Doug CEO.

Gio McMurray, Property Manager